watch and clock

A clock is anything else that tells the time. A watch is something that you carry on you, usually on your wrist. It is not a question of size; there are big clocks on churches and other buildings and you can have a small clock sitting on a table. Computers, DVD players, microwave ovens and so on have clocks.

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Carpet is the thing on the floor, a moqueta or alfombra. The thing you keep your papers in is a folder or file. The computer operating system Windows calls it a folder.


canal and channel

TV doesn’t come in canals. The water between England and France is more than a canal. Both of these are CHANNELS.

A canal is an artificial waterway such as the Panama canal or the canal of Amsterdam.



busy is pronounced /’bIZI/. Business is the abstract noun from it. It means negocio which is why internet domain name .biz is used for businesses.

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fish bones

Animals have bones.

The things inside a fish are bones (not espinas).

Cactuses have spines, roses have thorns, and olives and peaches have stones. These are not animals.

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attendance sheet


Lista de asistencia is an attendance sheet.

This is NOT assistant sheet.

Assistant is from a root word “assist” which means someone who helps or gives support.

To assist (verb)- to help or to give support.


“hit the road!”


Read the following dialogue:

Marc: What time is it?

Ana: It’s getting late.

Marc: Right, I’d better hit the road.

Ana: Okay see you tomorrow!

Hace referencia a las necesidades de los caballos al golpear contra el suelo, así que es bastante informal. Se usa para marcharse en cualquier contexto, no hace falta que sea en coche ni a caballo.

You might be interested with this famous song “Hit the road Jack, don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no ...

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one million euros fantasy

An English billion is 1,000,000,000 which we say as ten to the ninth. 

A Spanish billón is a million million (1,000,000,000,000).

Sometimes, Spanish newspapers write un billón de dólares because they have seen it in English as a billion dollars.

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