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Many people nowadays especially Europeans speak more than two languages. Do you wonder how did they learn it?

There are some relevant reasons. One example would be someone whose parents are from different countries. Let´s say his mother is from France and his father from England. It would be possible as well that his grandparents are from other countries. Another reason is when someone has interest in learning a language or languages.

As a language school, we encountered so many people who are very interested in learning new languages. Also we met many different people who are pessimistic, who think that it is impossible for them to speak the language they have interest to learn. What do you think are the reasons?

This is a great advice we´ve got from experienced language learners that if you are very interested in learning a language, you have to take the learning process seriously. With your great interest, you´ll be motivated to learn in the long run and you will definitely speak the language.


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